Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How have I not seen this: Infinite Ryvius

I don't know if I should be more embarassed to admit that I've never seen Infinite Ryvius...or that I didn't even know it existed until yesterday.  After learning about it, reading some information and checking out a couple trailers, I think it's certain that I need to see this as soon as possible!

Infinite Ryvius is another example of an anime that passed me by when I had to sell my collection to fund GoNintendo.  I went into an anime blackout.  It was too sad and depressing to watch anime at the time.  It would remind me of the huge collection I had an lost!  Now that I'm finally back in the anime game (with no intentions of leaving!), I get to check out all the stuff that popped up while I was gone.

Have any of you guys seen Infinite Ryvius?  Care to share your thoughts?


  1. I've never heard of it either. From the trailer, it looks like it has a pretty cool premise.

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  3. So it's like Lord of the Flies in space?