Friday, August 5, 2011

Time for you to save on some anime!

As we've talked about in the past, anime is a very expensive hobby.  When you talk about purchasing movies and series', the bills can pile up quite quickly.  Once you take care of the things in life that you absolutely have to pay for, it doesn't leave a lot of money to play with.  That's why you have to make every dollar count, and right now you have a great chance to do that!

Amazon always has some good deals on anime, but right now they're offering up some absolutely outstanding deals.  Amazon is currently hosting sales on nearly 380 anime dvs/Blu-rays, and the sale comes to a close this Monday.  That means you don't have much time left to mull over what you're looking to buy.  Now might be the time to jump in on that series that you've been holding out for!

The best news is, some of these sales are for over 50% the usual price!  You just can't beat that with some of these series.  I've scanned through the entire list of features, and there are some absolutely outstanding series and movies in there.  Trust me, you'll be able to find a ton of great content in there, and you'll be keeping your pockets nicely lined at the same time!

Good luck hunting through the goodies.  Please, let us know if you end up grabbing anything!  I'm always interested in hearing what you guys purchase.

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