Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you have an anime best buddy?

It's always fun to have someone else to enjoy your hobbies with.  Playing video games, watching TV shows, going to the movies...all of those are fun in and of themselves.  The thing is, you can have even more fun when there's another person along for the ride.  It lets you share those moments together, and relive them for the rest of your lives.

Anime is exactly the same thing.  There are plenty of anime to watch and enjoy on your own, but then you most likely get that feeling that you want to bring someone else in.  This especially happens when you watch a show that you truly love.  You get a burning desire to talk about that show with a friend, and discuss all the intricate details for hours on end.

Yes, you can have these kind of discussions when you're online, but it's not quite the same.  Chatting about anime on messageboards is a great thing, and it's indeed a good way to meet some other like-minded people. You may even end up meeting in person and becoming friends in real life, but that's a rare occasion.  When you chat anime online, your discussion begins and ends in the virtual world.

Do you have someone in real life that enjoys anime just like you?  Do you share all kinds of ideas and discuss plot points with them?  I have one cousin that is into anime, and I also have a few friends that take in anime from time to time.  Chatting with them about series' is always a blast, and it's a great feeling to know that someone enjoys what you do.  I hope you guys have these experiences as well!


  1. The closest person at hand who enjoys anime is my girlfriend, she introduced me to Fooly Cooly and other amazing titles, and we often discuss how ballin' Redline is gonna be.

    All my friends are somewhat if not really into anime too, it's awesome!

  2. It's mainly my friends from my new school, but also this girl who's the leader of the Anime Club.

    Met her through a friend who was in the Newspaper Club with me.

    Club meetings usually have those types of discussions. Yep, awesome stuff.

  3. Nope ._. pretty much a lone wolf.

    But I'm ok with that I guess. I get a pretty good sense of satisfaction of looking at other peoples reactions online.