Thursday, August 4, 2011

Giving an anime a second chance

We are all anime fans here, right?  I'm guessing most of us are!  Hopefully there are some people here just now learning about anime and what it offers.  Perhaps one day those people will become fans as well!  I think we can all agree that there is at least one anime out there for everyone, and while it might take time to find that one that really pulls you in, it's very worth it when that moment happens.

While we're all anime fans, that doesn't mean we like every single anime out there.  There's plenty to choose from, and sometimes you're going to hit on one that just doesn't tickle your fancy.  It could be the characters or the animation, the story or the dialog.  It doesn't matter what it was, but you decided that a specific series or two wasn't right for you.

I've been there too.  While there's been plenty of anime series' that I love, there have been a couple along the way that just didn't do it for me.  I might have watched an episode or two, only to put it aside for...well, forever.  Thinking about it now, I'm feeling a tad ashamed that I didn't at least give those series' a second chance.

I was thinking...maybe we should all pick back up one of those series' that we ducked out on early.  Who knows, maybe we were in a bad mood when we didn't enjoy a series.  Maybe we just hit a lull before things got very, very good.  You never know what factors there are, but what could a second chance really hurt?  I'm willing to jump in on that.  Are you guys interested in doing the same?


  1. I gave Spice & Wolf a second chance and ended up liking it better than I did before, but on the flip side a second viewing of FLCL did not convince me enough to like the series. Blasphemy, I know.

  2. Eh idk I don't think I would like Star Driver even with second chance. And other people's reviews are proof of it too. I think I backed out at a good time early on.