Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From live action to...anime?

When you look at any type of animation, you usually see a popular cartoon eventually get a movie treatment.  Sometimes you see a movie adaptation that continues in an animated style, but more often than not you see an animated series turned into a live-action film.  I'm not too sure why movie houses make this decision, but it seems to be a trend that shows no signs of stopping.  Just take a look at what's in theaters now!  The Smurfs in live action just feels...weird.

You want to know what I think is even stranger?  A live-action TV series getting turned into an anime.  I could be making an ignorant statement here, but I can't think of many instances when this sort of translation has happened.  It just seems like an odd decision to make, but I guess it all depends on the demographic of the live-action show to begin with.

Perhaps that's why the TV show Supernatural got an anime adaptation.  I don't watch Supernatural...never seen an episode.  To tell you the truth, I didn't really have an idea it existed until I heard about the anime.  I see that the show has a loyal following, and after reading the basic plot points of the live-action series, I can see how it might make for an interesting anime.  I don't think I should check out the anime until I see the show, but I can admit that this offshoot of the series is a pretty unique idea.

How would you feel about your favorite live-action shows getting anime adaptations?  What shows do you think would make for a good anime?  Would you want the anime series to try some new things, tell a side-story of the TV show, or would you like a direct translation?


  1. I think a Twin Peaks anime would destroy the balance of the world as we know it.

    It would be too amazing and lend itself well to a surreal, dramedy-style anime.

    But I can only image how many people would be pissed about such an idea.

  2. I think it would be best for a side-story. Because the live-action story was made for live-action not for anime you know.

  3. Honestly, thinking about the fan base, if someone's favorite live-action show is adapted into an anime, who is to say that this won't cause more of the backlash that we are all struggling against? So many people are so closed minded about anime that they refuse to watch it for no reason. Why should why give them a chance to be more negative about it?