Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I have a horrible habit when it comes to enjoying my hobbies.  I really don't have all that much free time, and when I know some is coming, all I can think about is all the great stuff I'm going to do.  Usually the free time I get is in-between rounds at GoNintendo, which means I'm tied to my home office for free time activities.  That means video games and anime...which are two great hobbies to keep me very entertained!

As the day moves on, I think about the games I'll play and the anime I'm going to watch.  The later the day gets, the more excited I get about taking on those fun activities.  Then the time comes to enjoy that fun stuff...and my mood completely changes.  It happens almost without fail, and it starts a vicious cycle that's ridiculously hard for me to break.

When I get that free time, I think about how many hours I actually have until I go to bed.  Then I think about watching anime, and how it's going to suck me in for hours on end.  If I watch anime during my night free time, I know that by the time I'm done, time for bed will be here.  Before I know it, my free time will be gone and I'll have to get some rest for the next work day.

These feelings continue day after day, and I end up wasting away my free time because I'm worried about eating all of it up with anime and games.  It's almost like I make a point to just hang back and watch TV because I can recognize the time passing by.  I can keep things going slow, and live a bit more in the time as it passes.  Anime and games entertain me so much that the time seriously flies by, and it makes me truly sad to see that another night of free time is up!

Of course, I eventually break this routine and watch some anime or play some games.  When I do end up watching anime, I think to myself about how much fun I had while watching.  I automatically start thinking about how I wasted all that other free time, and I can't hold back from watching anime or playing games.  The next few weeks are spent watching as much anime and playing as many games as possible.  Eventually, I'll get right back to where I started, which means I'm worrying about free time again!

Do you find yourself doing the same thing with anime?  The hours certainly fly by when you're watching anime.  Do you avoid watching when you know you only have a few hours to yourself?  Do you save anime viewing for specific dates just because you know it's going to eat up a lot of time?


  1. Yeah usually in the mornings I hold back on anime, because I know it will make the time I have to go to work come faster :P

  2. If you're enjoying yourself, should it matter how that time is spent? It's much better than looking back at your day and thinking, "Man, I should have finished up those last two episodes of ..."

    Just my two cents.

  3. I just try to get in everything I can as often as I can. Much of my free time is limited to two days a week (my weekend is in the middle of the week) and both of those days are generally spent gaming or cleaning :S

    Maybe setting limits like only watching the episodes on one DVD/BD for a day or completing only a couple of levels before moving on might help you feel a bit more fulfilled when it comes to your free time. Much like setting goals to accomplish, once you reach those goals, you feel better about the time spent, because you reached an end. That's what I have to do in order to maximize the time that I have available to me.